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Author: Wopt70
Pairing: Orlilly
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Stay in the rhythm.

Music pounds through Orlando’s mind, pulsing through him. Driving him to movement. Alcohol makes things more interesting, he decides, and it makes him want to move even more.
He pulls Billy from their booth, dragging him into the crowd, inviting him with a look and a lift of an eyebrow, and Billy follows. Nothing would stop him, anyway. The music sets the rhythm, and Orlando pulls the smaller man flush against him, hips to hips. They immediately fall into the pulsing motion, barely noticing that there were people on all sides of them, crushing against them. All they care about is staying in the rhythm.

Orlando’s hands spread to Billy’s buttocks, cupping the warm cheeks and squeezing them, pulling him closer into the slow, heated grind. He leans down to inhale the older man, smelling cologne and sweat and a smell that can only be described as pure Billy. It nearly drives him to insanity.

Sweat is rolling down his temples from the heat, but he’s never felt cooler. He’s with the greatest guy in the bar, in the world, and didn’t care if everyone knew it. A drop of sweat rolls down his neck to his chest, where it is intercepted by Billy’s long, warm tongue. The feeling sends Orlando into shivers, and he leans in again, this time to capture Billy’s warm, demanding lips and tongue in his mouth, while at the same time grinding his growing hard-on against a similar bulge. Friction. White-hot bliss.

The look of Billy, the feel, is heat. His eyes are closed, his mouth partially open, head tilted back. He grinds against Orlando rhythmically, seemingly following the beat without listening to it. His black, long-sleeved shirt makes him look even slimmer, dainty and sexy, and the tight, blue faded jeans fit him tightly in all the right places. He has just a bit of eyeliner on, courtesy of Dom, and Orlando reminds himself to thank him. Billy’s smell is spice, reminders of other evenings of sweat and love and passion.

“More” the single word is whispered against Billy’s ear as Orlando’s mouth kisses along his jaw. Billy smiles against his cheek, taking his hands back from around the brunettes neck to move between the two of them, opening three more of Orlando’s shirt buttons, then opening two more of his own. His hands then are replaced in their first position, and he leans as close as possible, so that every part of their bodies is touching. Including their lips and tongues.

Soon Orlando can’t take any more. He had needs Billy. He would have taken him right there if he could have. Instead, he latches on to Billy’s neck, biting the chords and mumbling against the skin. “Let’s get out of here. Please.”

In the cab, Billy barely gets out the address of Orlando’s home before he is attacked, tongue and teeth working on every part of his body, making him writhe against the leather seats. Orlando absently closes the door of the car, climbing on top of Billy’s prone form, kissing him wildly. Tongue thrusting with the rhythm in his head, left over from the club, hips pulsing to the beat in his mind.

Billy reacts wildly, arching up against him, thrusting back with the rhythm. Cries like a cat erupt from him. Orlando opens Billy’s shirt even more, spreading it so that he can suck a nipple and stroke it with his tongue.

The cab ride is over too quickly for their liking, and not quick enough. They throw some bills at the cab driver and bid him goodnight, before running up to Orlando’s door and opening it, hands touching everywhere at a hurried pace.

Quickly to the bedroom, clothing being discarded along the way, they toppled to the bed, and suddenly, the rhythm slowed. It was no less pounding, but more vibrant, like a heartbeat, like two heartbeats that were following one rhythm.

Orlando covers Billy, arms braced on either side of the Scot as their tongues stroked one another, Billy sitting partially upright, partially laying back on his elbows. Orlando bites Billy’s bottom lip, keeping it between his teeth while whispering those words. Those words to fit the mood, to match the beat. “I want you.”

The older man’s eyes open, dark green and clouded, meeting those desperate warm eyes in a smoldering gaze. Slowly he takes his hands to the back of Orlando’s trousers, sliding the tighter jeans over the perfect arse.

The younger man removes them without hesitation, turning his attention and long fingers to the buttons of Billy’s own jeans, all the while nuzzling the small, perfect chest and neck, letting the hair tickle his throat. He helps the Scot out of his trousers, rising to trail his tongue from the pale abdomen to throat, making Billy writhe in pleasure.

Steady, kisses to match rhythm, to match the thrumming of their hearts, and Orlando reaches into a bedside drawer to get the objects they need most. Instead of covering Billy again though, he takes his turn to lie on the bed, pulling the blond onto him in a searing kiss and pressing the items into his hand.

Little preparation, and Orlando is ready. Right before Billy takes him though, the Scot puts his hand over Orlando’s heart, listening and feeling the rhythm of his love.

One long, slick thrust and he’s in, thrusting to the beat of their hearts. And Billy is kissing Orlando, tongue fucking his mouth with the same intensity and tempo as their bodies moving together. The two sweaty bodies slapping together and the moans that slip through their lips are their only music, and they match like a marching band.

Billy matches the rhythm of their hearts perfectly, speeding up as tensions get high, then slowing back down when Orlando adjusts to the new pace. Sweat drips from his body to Orlando’s, and the air is thick and humid around them like a Chicago summer. They slide against each other, smooth against soft, velvety hair, tongues tangling visibly.

It is dark, but they can see each other perfectly, catching soft gazes that only they are meant to see and murmuring encouraging, melting words against the other’s lips.

Orlando’s pulse is racing, and he is incredibly close now. Billy senses and feels the change, and immediately his whole attitude changes, thrusting now with more force than ever before, kissing and licking and biting, driving Orlando to the edge. The younger man’s hips leap to meet his, and the sound is wonderfully erotic. Billy rides Orlando like he would a wild stallion, desperate to hold on, but still loving him with his body and mind. But always, always, he keeps the rhythm in tempo with Orlando’s racing heart.

Orlando’s body tenses, and he knows this battle is lost, and all Billy has to do is ask and the younger man has fallen over the edge, crying out and spilling his seed against their bellies, without ever being touched. His mind is whirling, but he squeezes around Billy’s still solid member, still desperate to pleasure his lover.

Billy’s mind had gone into overload when Orlando had come, and he looses all control, fucking his lover madly and erratically, desperate to come. Orlando coaxes him, telling him sweet things and dirty things and reaching down to caress Billy’s buttocks, even as he is being torpedoed into.

It doesn’t take Billy long after that, crying out into Orlando’s longer hair and shoulder as he came, filling his lover with his seed and collapsing on his chest. Orlando wraps his hands softly around him, holding him lovingly in a way that only lovers can do. He draws small circles on Billy’s back, calming him, and it seems as if he is trying to coax more air into the smaller man’s lungs, for Billy begins to breathe easier.

Billy sits up, capturing Orlando’s face in his palm, kissing the sweaty upper lip and gently asking permission to enter with his tongue. They kiss for minutes, though it seems like hours to their over-sated minds, and they slowly lie back down, curling in each other’s embraces.

Their heartbeats slow, steadily pumping like they should, and Orlando’s fingers, wrapped around Billy’s shoulder blades, tap out the rhythm of their hearts, still completely in unison, completely one and the same.
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