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Title: Shadows
Pairing: Young Billy/OFC, Orlando/Billy
Summary:Billy remembers.
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: obviously not true... because, well, have u read it?
Feedback:PLEEASE! especially concrit!
Author's Notes: just wondering what a little het would do. Truth be told, this is neither slash nor het...
Crossposted: no where yet..

On one lovely autumn day in shabby Cranville neighborhood, the sun was low, and the breeze, cool. Leaves swirled in spirals, reaching for the sun, casting strange and haunting shadows on the school's stone wall. The breeze carried the soft scent of pine, smoke, smog and burning leaves. Two figures, swallowed by opportunity stood out against the dimness of reality.

The boy, a tiny 9 year old lad with reddish blond hair and mischief sparked green eyes stood, a red-brown scarf wrapped around his neck, standing out against a tattered green overcoat.
The girl, a model beauty, with dark brown hair and blue eyes. Her bright red coat lay open, the wind catching it and blowing it. Although she was the same age, she had a good 3 inches over the boy, and her eyelashes fanned her cheeks as she looked down at him.

Silently, she leaned down, brushing her pink lips against the boy's, eyes falling closed. The boy's breath caught, but he did not pull away. His eyes fell closed on their own accord and he moved deeper into her touch.

She pulled away reluctantly and giggled.
"I have to go." She murmured, cheeks redder than usual.
She kissed his cheek and ran off, giggling the whole way.
The boy just gazed after her, hand touching his lips softly. Thunder rumbled in the sky.
~ ~ ~
Billy smiled and opened his eyes, looking around the room at expectant gazes.
"Sara." Billy said softly. "Her name was Sara." He leaned back against Orlando, who held his hands. Firelight danced across the dark room, casting eerie and comforting shadows.

Orlando leaned down and kissed Billy's temple, and the Scot closed his eyes. If he tried hard enough, he could see the leaves blowing, could smell the fresh autumn air, and could see her, blue eyes smiling.

Thunder rumbled in the sky

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